Monday, February 25, 2008

Your Potential

Have you reached your potential? What exactly does that mean? How would you know?
I was listening to Joel Osteen's sermon this weekend and he was talking about what all God has in store for us in this life and how we should continuously strive for more in all aspects of our life. He tried to explain that no matter what has happened in our past, we need to focus on now and going forward. Today, right now, is a new moment where we can all decide to take action and change our lives.

There always seems to be an abundance of people that are more than willing to tell you why you CAN'T pursue or achieve your goals and ambitions.
Why is that?
Many believe that people in general don't want others to accomplish more than them because it causes a sense of inferiority. It's easier to just remain status quo, average, mediocre, accepting, etc.....

However, there are some who will not let such negative influence keep them from pursuing their dreams or happiness. Some do this consciously, others simply ignore it.

The good news is that we all possess this ability. We all can ignore the "shackles" or negative influences of others. We all can decide right now to pursue our dreams and those things that make us happy.

Let's commit to maximizing our potential. Our maker did not create us to live complacent, numb, lives. Each of us has a purpose to pursue. If we decide to chase it, we will find our potential and then some.......

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