Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring 2010 Is Here!

The weather has finally warmed up and you can sense the excitement in the air. Lawns are showing hints of green and new life is springing up everywhere.
The sun is providing warmth and thoughts of the upcoming summer season. I'm looking forward to our first dip in the pool and actual sun tan.

My boys both celebrated their birthdays this weekend. One turned 14 and the other 17.
They have grown up so fast. As we move toward that day when they "leave the nest", I wonder what I will do. How much will I miss them.
It's been the most exciting, adventurous, fun, memorable, time I can imagine. I hope they have enjoyed it as much as I and they carry the memories the rest of their lives.

My beautiful daughter is 11 and my precious angel. I want to stop time so she doesn't grow up. She's in 6th grade and about to experience that "change" where she goes from little girl to young woman. I just don't want that to happen.

Time is moving so fast.....I think raising my kids only make it go by faster. Sometimes it feels as if I don't have time to enjoy time.

I have to work really hard at prioritizing my actions and avoiding the "treadmill". Everyday I join the rat race when we all get in our cars, drive to work in traffic, pretend we enjoy our jobs, (or not), then come home to those that really need and love us under the guise of being tired, and with little time or patience to afford them the precious time we should.

That kind of description seems analogous to death by life.

Go out there and find your inspiration, make a difference, and create memories every day.

Hell, start a blog if that's what it takes.