Monday, February 25, 2008

Your Potential

Have you reached your potential? What exactly does that mean? How would you know?
I was listening to Joel Osteen's sermon this weekend and he was talking about what all God has in store for us in this life and how we should continuously strive for more in all aspects of our life. He tried to explain that no matter what has happened in our past, we need to focus on now and going forward. Today, right now, is a new moment where we can all decide to take action and change our lives.

There always seems to be an abundance of people that are more than willing to tell you why you CAN'T pursue or achieve your goals and ambitions.
Why is that?
Many believe that people in general don't want others to accomplish more than them because it causes a sense of inferiority. It's easier to just remain status quo, average, mediocre, accepting, etc.....

However, there are some who will not let such negative influence keep them from pursuing their dreams or happiness. Some do this consciously, others simply ignore it.

The good news is that we all possess this ability. We all can ignore the "shackles" or negative influences of others. We all can decide right now to pursue our dreams and those things that make us happy.

Let's commit to maximizing our potential. Our maker did not create us to live complacent, numb, lives. Each of us has a purpose to pursue. If we decide to chase it, we will find our potential and then some.......

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shine Your Light...

I attended a memorial service this weekend for a friend that passed away due to colon cancer. As I listened to friends and family give testimony to his accomplishments, I took note of what what was most important. He was a great husband, father, brother, son, brother in law, and co worker.
They told stories and shared memories of "highlights" in his life. Stories about every day things like holiday preparation, vacations, home projects, volunteering, offering assistance, etc.
There were some things that were not mentioned at all. What type of car he drove, what clothes he wore, the type of house he lived in, etc....
Another reminder that material things are simply not important in the end.

There were many pictures of him in these various roles layed out for all to see. Many in attendance only knew him from one avenue and were intrigued to learn more about the man that so many revered.
Thank goodness someone took the time to take pictures. That's an important note to all, get a digital camera and take it everywhere you go. Take pictures of anything you consider a special moment. Make some memories that can be shared with others.
As I reviewed the pictures, I stopped and admired the smile on his face, the family, background of the moment, how happy they were, how time seemed to stop for that one moment.

At the end of the service as I left the church, I thought about my own life. What would people say about me? What would I want them to say about me?
One speaker mentioned that the Bible says we're to shine our own light on others. I think that's a great proposition. Shine more light on others and make a difference in other lives. How simple yet vital.

In the end, that's the legacy we should all leave. While we are here, we make a positive difference in other people's lives and the world a better place.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Ultimate Gift

I was in Blockbuster this week looking for a movie to rent with my daughter. We walked the store's new releases and nothing really caught my attention.
I proceeded to go over to the "stocking pile" where the recently returned movies are waiting to be placed back on the shelves. As I was looking through the pile, a movie titled "The Ultimate Gift" had just been returned. I read the summary on the back of the DVD cover and thought it was a very interesting plot. The movie is based on the best selling book and I've included a description from Wikipedia below:

When his rich grandfather, Red Stevens (portrayed by James Garner) died, Jason (Drew Fuller) thought he was going to inherit a piece of the oil man's multi-billion dollar estate. Things didn't quite happen that way. In order to get his share of the willed inheritance, Jason must complete 12 separate assignments within a year. Each assignment is centered around a "gift". The gifts of money, friends and learning are among the dozen that Jason must learn before he is eligible for the mysterious "Ultimate Gift" his grandfather's will has for him.

I don't want to provide too much information but will only tell you that this movie is both inspiring and unforgettable. I highly recommend it and will be adding it to my own DVD library soon. Go rent this movie!

After you watch it, take some time to sit down and see if you too can benefit from the "gifts" discussed in the movie. We all have numerous gifts and fail to appreciate them by our daily numbness or routine.

Let me know what you think about the movie. Next week I'll discuss a new book I'm reading that is supposed to change my life! We'll see.....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

38 million dollars or a couple of choose.

Interesting article about a man who hit the lottery and what he would wish for. Just another reminder that the most valuable thing on the planet, in our life, is our time. When we're facing death, we'll sacrifice everything for a little more time. This is what Lifetimers is all about.

We all have the same amount of time every day. 24 hours. We just need to decide what we're going to do with it.
Live with no regrets and love like there's no tomorrow. Article below:

LONDON (Reuters) - Retired hospital porter Steve Smith, who is suffering from a potentially fatal heart defect, won almost 19 million pounds ($38 million) on Britain's National Lottery -- but said he would give it all up if he could spend a few more years living with his wife Ida.

"I have a one in 10 chance of living. It's like a ticking time bomb," said the 58-year-old Smith, enjoying a bittersweet glass of celebratory champagne with his wife Ida.

Smith, who has an aortic aneurysm, told reporters when collecting his check: "It's Ida I worry for, it's leaving her behind. I would give all that back if I am allowed to still be with her because there are no shops in the cemetery are there?"

Smith landed the giant prize with an extra stroke of luck -- the couple stopped off on the way home from a family visit to buy some lucky dip tickets and it was one of those which hit the jackpot.

Now go out there and live your life like you hit the jackpot. We all did if we're able to sit here and read this blog and spend time with our loved ones.