Sunday, March 15, 2009


It's now March in 2009. My two sons had birthdays on March 5 and 7th turning 13 and 16. Man they grow up fast. I now get to watch my oldest experience the freedom of driving while the other goes through puberty. Two milestones that I'm looking forward to.

Positivity is a word that blends the word "positive" and "activity" therefore resulting in a new word symbolizing positive action. I've been trying hard to make daily progress in sharing positive thoughts and being the light for those in need. Interesting enough, it's been working! I have actually noticed others doing the same and being more conscientious about their own demeanor in dealing with others.
The scary thing is to think if I'm able to do the same with my wife, kids, and friends, how much of a difference it would make? What if everyone did this? Would we have more peace? Happiness?

I'm trying to think of a way to share my thoughts and vision with the world. I know this blog is a small glimpse into my mind but I really need to focus an effort on changing people and possibly their lives as well. Could it be possible that such a small change in our paradigms have significant results?

I plan on sharing more details of the paradigm on my next post so come back soon. I'm headed to a domain name registrar to see if I can develop a new web site or just expand this one in regards to my vision.

Peace, love, and harmony.....isn't that from the seventies? Is that a song?
C ya soon.