Monday, February 11, 2008

The Ultimate Gift

I was in Blockbuster this week looking for a movie to rent with my daughter. We walked the store's new releases and nothing really caught my attention.
I proceeded to go over to the "stocking pile" where the recently returned movies are waiting to be placed back on the shelves. As I was looking through the pile, a movie titled "The Ultimate Gift" had just been returned. I read the summary on the back of the DVD cover and thought it was a very interesting plot. The movie is based on the best selling book and I've included a description from Wikipedia below:

When his rich grandfather, Red Stevens (portrayed by James Garner) died, Jason (Drew Fuller) thought he was going to inherit a piece of the oil man's multi-billion dollar estate. Things didn't quite happen that way. In order to get his share of the willed inheritance, Jason must complete 12 separate assignments within a year. Each assignment is centered around a "gift". The gifts of money, friends and learning are among the dozen that Jason must learn before he is eligible for the mysterious "Ultimate Gift" his grandfather's will has for him.

I don't want to provide too much information but will only tell you that this movie is both inspiring and unforgettable. I highly recommend it and will be adding it to my own DVD library soon. Go rent this movie!

After you watch it, take some time to sit down and see if you too can benefit from the "gifts" discussed in the movie. We all have numerous gifts and fail to appreciate them by our daily numbness or routine.

Let me know what you think about the movie. Next week I'll discuss a new book I'm reading that is supposed to change my life! We'll see.....

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