Monday, December 31, 2007


Welcome to my first blog. I'm not sure how this is going to evolve but thought it would be a cool way of sharing my thoughts with the world and seeing if anyone else out there shares my paradigm.

I don't want to just be chaotic so I'm going to take some time and think about how this blog is going to be organized.

My first order of business is to let you know why the blog is called "Lifetimers".

Years ago I was trying to think of one word that encompassed many of my thoughts and priorities regarding life. As you can imagine, there were hundreds that I considered but none really stood out. Then one night when I was going to sleep, it just popped in my head. Lifetimers.

My definition of this term is a reference to a group of people that cherish and appreciate their time in this life. We may share different views on the afterlife and where we'll be but I wanted to focus our time on this planet. Our current lifetime.
It's so short and many things can happen to shorten it further that we need to live every moment like it was our last.

Too often we have to experience something tragic or lose someone to make us realize how precious our time is. Days later, we go back to our ways of not appreciating every second, minute, hour, day, etc......
We get back on the treadmill and rat race to no where. We go back to ignoring the important things in life and pursuing the things we think is important. We revert back to the shallow water afraid of the deep.

I lost my mother and father recently. These two events forever changed my life. I want to be their legacy. I want to make a difference. I want to inspire people to realize what's important in life. I want to help others develop an appreciation that they want yet seem unable to grasp.

This group of people can be called Lifetimers. They want to live their lives as if they're running out of time. (which we all are)
They want to create memories that last a lifetime. They want to optimize each and every day according to their key priorities in life.

They want to mazimize their Lifetime.

Welcome aboard. If you find these concepts attractive, I hope you'll subscribe to my blog and come back for more.