Saturday, January 5, 2008

Weekends Are Just Too Short......why?

Have you ever had this feeling? Our weekends are just too short. Right when we're starting to feel relaxed, we have to return to work.
In a traditional work week of Monday thru Friday, people are expected to get off from work at 500pm, drive home for the next hour or so and arriving at their homes around 600pm to start the weekend.

Saturday morning is always embraced for some peace or personal errands. The day affords everyone opportunities to handle household chores, shopping, errands missed during the week, etc....then the evening comes with a chance for dining, entertainment, relaxation.

Sunday mornings are great for sleeping in. Many either wake up and go to church until noon while others elect to take advantage and catch up on sleep. Then as a sense of peace settles in, we find ourselves facing Sunday evening and thinking about going back to work on Monday.

I don't know about the rest of the country but I want more time for the priorities in my life. I believe we should work 4 days a week and have 3 days off. This is the majority of the week, affords us plenty of leisure time for our priorities, and would improve our lifestyle.

I'm not sure why we base our work weeks on 40 hours. Why not 32? If we're expected to get 8 hours of sleep out of a 24 hour day, we sleep 1/3rd of our time leaving us with 16. If we spend 2 hours getting ready and driving to work and 1 hour returning from work, we lost another 3 hours bringing our total available hours for leisure to 13. Then, depending on our jobs, we may work 8-10 hours leaving us with a grand total of 3 hours a day during the work week for ourselves? 15 hours out of 120? (24x5=120)
15/120 equals a whopping 12.5%! Isn't that depressing?
15 out of 80 awake hours for leisure.
We obviously spend way to much time working than enjoying life. (My next post will address what exactly do we do for a job and why....)

So out of 24 hours in a day, we get about 3 for ourselves? Who came up with this system? Why do we proceed to accept such a schedule? Why don't we realize the importance of our time and demand a change?

I've personally decided to take steps towards changing this in my life. After many years of thinking about it, I can no longer wait for social change. Self employment is the avenue that will allow me more leisure time so I'm starting my own business.

I'm not sure if there are other viable options for all of us to make such a change. Living within ones means is the first thing that comes to mind. Then comes passive or residual income. (income that doesn't require your direct involvement).

I would love to think that there are many others out there that share my sentiments regarding prioritizing our leisure time. In essence, this is what Lifetimers is all about.
If we're going to maximize our lives, it's not going to involve more time at the office or work. (unless you're referring to charitable work).

Now go out there and think about how much time do you spend focused on leisure time? Is it enough? Do you too want to make a change? If so, please let me know your ideas and I'll share them with all.

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