Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year's 2008! What's your plan?

Good morning! I celebrated last night with some family and friends and Dick Clark, Ryan Seacrest, and Carson Daly....
We shot some fireworks and toasted the arrival of 2008.

New Year's is one of my favorite times. It affords us the opportunity to sit and think about all we experienced in the prior 365 days and thank our maker for the blessings afforded us. It makes me feel really good to think about all the happy times as well as the sad ones. That's right, even the sad ones. We shouldn't ignore what make us stronger, more appreciative, and sensitive.

My favorite thing to do this time of year is to construct a list of resolutions for the upcoming year. I write these down in my calendar or computer so I don't lose them and set them up as reminders throughout the year. I really believe it's important to write them down and hold yourself accountable. You would be surprised how many times during the year I will open the file or entry to gauge my progress. It also reminds me of what is really important to me. Taking the time to sit down and write down your goals and priorities is like cleansing the soul. It shouldn't be done while stressed or thinking about other things. It should be as clear as you'll be all year.
Once we begin the year, we all tend to let it run it's course as if its an uncontrollable time machine. Unfortunately, this may be with our direction or without, but one thing for certain, time doesn't wait for us to make up our minds about where we're headed or where we want to go......we need to make the decision to manage our direction and time.
I often ask people if they get in their car without knowing where they're headed? They always say no. Then why would you wake up everyday without knowing where you want to go? You control the vessel, you control the map, you're both navigator and captain of this ship. If you don't take control, the vessel will be more than happy to just aimlessly wonder the seas with no direction or purpose.

My challenge for everyone, even if it's not New Year's Day, is to sit down and think about what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. Write them down on a calendar and be honest about the time you need to achieve them. Spread them out in small steps.
For example, I always like to give myself the goal of reading an enlightening book at least once a quarter. Pick one yourself or go to Amazon.com and browse from your chair. Oprah.com is another one that is popular for her recommendations.
Think about your health. I know that it's almost cliche to do this around the start of the year but it really is important. Our souls are physically manifested through our bodies. The body is our vessel while here on earth. If we don't take care of the vessel, the journey will come to an earlier end. I'm always intrigued by those that do a good job of maintaining their homes, cars, toys, etc...but fail to afford the same attention if not more to the most important mechanism we own, our bodies. Develop a plan to improve your diet. Exercise daily. Transform your body into a healthy one that is reflective of your soul and demeanor. Take care of yourself and everyone around you will take notice. You will feel better and attract more positive energy in your life.
Now think about the various roles you occupy and where you want to improve. Is it as a husband, wife? Father or mother? Sister or brother? Son or Daughter? Friend? What do you want to change? Imagine what you believe to be the perfect scenario or performance in that role. Once you have that image, compare yourself and see yourself occupying that role. Take the necessary steps to move toward it in the upcoming year.

I don't want to belabor the point in taking stock and developing a simple plan for the new year. It shouldn't take you a long time to do. It should be fun and inspire you to improve yourself as a person.

One thing for sure, the pursuit of improvement is always rewarding. In the end, you'll be a better person both physically and mentally.
That's important if you're trying to maximize your life as a Lifetimer would do.....

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