Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's Happening In The World?

What an incredible series of events we've experienced in the past couple of weeks.  Our planet has been rocked by natural disasters.  

The tsunami that devastated Myanmar with a death toll close to 100,000 people only reminded us of the same natural disaster that hit Indonesia and killed 250,000 people.  
Then the US experienced tornadoes that killed 22 people and injured hundreds more across multiple states.  
Then an overpopulated region in China experiences an earthquake that may have killed another 100,000 people.  

These natural disasters make many wonder "what's going on?".  Why are these things happening? Is this a sign from our maker?  Are these events leading us to Armageddon?  

Everyday, the inhabitants of this planet experience losses of life, tragedies, and events that not only change our lives, but dampen our spirits.  These events also test our beliefs, hopes, and faith.  They challenge our minds, spirit, and souls as well as the pillars of our societies.  
How we respond is an individual choice.  Everyone has different perspectives on these moments.  Reactions are as varied as the languages we speak and places where we live.  
However, all of us have something in common.  The value and measurement of TIME.  
When time is up for someone or something we appreciate, we feel a sense of loss.  Our own mortality is magnified for a fleeting moment.  In the process of mourning or experiencing a loss, we are reminded that our own time can be taken away within seconds.....

Take a moment, if you watch the news, read the paper, or stay current on world events... appreciate your own time.  Commit to living every moment like it's your last.  
Some people stay away from the media or negative communication.  They feel this insulates them from these tragic events and somehow spares them the grief.   
I would advise you shouldn't avoid these events.  You should embrace them as unfortunate events that only magnify our own mortality and challenge our faith and paradigms about life.  
Appreciate everything you have and take nothing for granted.  

Carpe Diem!  Seize the moment!  Live it like it's your last.....  you never know.... it may be. 

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