Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I happen to manage a large workforce in my current occupation.  Probably around 350-400 employees.   Every month, I sit down and personally sign Birthday cards for my employees. While I'm doing this, I sometimes wonder if they even read them or care.  
Then, as I visit my stores and locations, an employee will approach me and thank me for their card.  And there it is.....the answer I need.  Yes, they do appreciate my effort to recognize the most important day in one's life.  

Happy Birthday!  What do you think about this day?  Have you ever thought about it?  Is it the most important day in a life?  Do you recognize and remember to wish someone Happy Birthday?  

On April 25, 1966, God brought an angel into this world.  She was born in Wheeling, West Virginia.  She would later move to Houston, Texas and at the age of 17, meet a lost, poor boy who would then fall in love with her forever.   On June 16, 1990, she blessed the young man with the ultimate commitment of love, she married him and took his name.  
He would never be the same after that day.  He knew that God would never had introduced an Angel to him if he didn't believe in him and have bigger things in store for his life.   She would be by his side providing him with love, support, and the inspiration to grow up and become a successful man.  Successful in college, business, life, and as a father and husband.  

So this week, on April 25th, I once again thanked God for my Angel as I do every night before I go to sleep.  Her birthday is a day that I recognize as a gift.  It is the most important day in her life and means as much to me, her parents, siblings, children, and close friends, as to her.  

My Angel has blessed me with three other Angels.  My children.  So you can now see why I consider a birthday to be the most important day in life.  It can change many lives, generations, and the world.....

Now go out there and commit to recognizing the birthdays of your loved ones.  Haven't they changed your life?  How hard is it?  

Happy Birthday!   

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