Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall, Football, Halloween, Holidays.....

Well, it's beautiful October and the seasons are changing for the better.  Crisp cool air combined with the arrival of football season, Halloween, and Holiday season can only bring good times.  

I was thinking why it's been so challenging for me to blog as frequent as I used to.  Yes, my schedule is very busy but I think it's simply due to poor time management.   
As conscious as I am about enjoying every moment, even I fall prey to complacency regarding prioritizing my time.  

I need to develop a system that will help both me as well as the millions of others who simply let time go by.....
I'm not sure if we need a visual reminder like a bracelet to wear?  How about a watch with special features?  What about a system that calls or emails us every day with reminders?  How about all three?  

My boys are playing football and having great seasons this year.  I video their games and post highlight clips on Youtube for my brother and his family to watch from a far.  They live in San Francisco.  My daughter is cheerleading and just growing up too fast.  In this regard, I want time to slow down or just stand still and keep her 10 years old forever.  She loves to spend time with her daddy and is a daddy's girl.  How much longer will that last?  

My wife has convinced me to have a haunted house for Halloween this year.  We've done this for about 8 years now and it's a lot of work, especially for about three hours of fun.  
I do it for my kids and must admit I like the fact that the neighborhood and community look forward to our efforts to provide something fun for the kids to do that night.  

The economy is the worst since the Great Depression and everyday brings bad news.  We're trying to elect a new president.  Both candidates have drawbacks and are really not worthy of the oval office but we have to pick one of the two.   I'm worried about the Democratic candidate winning on charisma and charm.  He doesn't really seem to have much substance and some of his ideas are very socialist and scary.  The Republican candidate is too much like our current President and supports the policies and paradigm that put us in today's economic he's scary from the standpoint that we won't change and improve either.  
All of this bad news is tainting the upcoming holiday season and the forecasts for toys and good cheer.  Unemployment is high and growing by the day.  People are worried about their incomes, retirements funds, job security, etc.....
They think things will improve in another year.  The question is whether or not we can wait that long.  
I can only hope our kids aren't permanently scarred due to some economic crisis that negatively impacts their qualities of life.  I know that sounds protective but why shouldn't we be concerned about that?  I don't mind educating my kids on sound economics and reality but not to the point that they worry about their existence.  

OK, that's enough for this blog.  I plan on improving my time management and getting back to a more frequent posting schedule.  
Don't forget to go to my Youtube links.  If anything, they're entertaining and help pass the time. One day my kids will find this and I hope gain an insight to my love of life, my love of them since they are my life, and my wife's importance to my existence.  

Thanks for reading. 

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